Calling in the Muse

A Visionary Leadership Retreat on the sacred island of Crete

Are you called...

To feel and fully embody your emerging power? 

To engage in a more intimate way to your inspiration or Muse? 

To get clear on your signature soul message as a thought leader or business owner? 

To experience a more profoundly receptive connection to the natural world, in this case the land, the sea and the mountains of Crete...and to experience this with your whole body?  

What women have said...

'I knew this would be a huge turning point for me but it was mind-blowing. My connection to the divine was always quite narrow...it has exploded since then! I could never have imagined where my life would take me and now my mission is not just to help women to deal with their anxiety and survive, it is now HUGE! I am looking to start a whole community of people working together, a way 'of life! I can do anything now!'
Tracy John


‘I’m living my passion. I’m living my vision. I’m able to be more powerful. Today I published my 2nd book. I ran a course back in March. Everything I ever wanted to do has come true. Crete was the starting point. Crete was where I turned a million pages, leaped forward to page 1001 even though I was at page 0. I could not have done it without Crete, so I am going back next year!’
Louise Diamant


About us


Alison and I have known each other professionally for several years and have had the joy of teaching together for a year now. Last September we hosted out first life changing retreat for women on the sacred island of Crete, which literally was a dream come true.


It was so successful and so much fun that we decided to make it an annual event. Calling in the Muse was born of our mutual passions for creativity, personal growth, healing, transforming women's lives and

the magic of Crete.