Allow the energy of Love to flow through your Body more easily...


Begin deepening your connection with the Divine to awakening your whole body and being as a loving heart. 'Bodhi' meaning 'awake', 'enlightened' or 'completely open', and 'Bodhi' also referring to our 'body'.

This audio course with complementary ebook has been created to help you experience your whole body as a beating heart. Activate the energy of Love to flow freely throughout your body and being again and pour into your life. Heart Bodhi includes a digital ebook, 4 part audio course with extra guided meditations, prayer and exercises for you to experience.

Part One: Opening The Door To Love

Part Two: An Invitation Of The Heart

Part Three: Be The Love You Wish To See

Part Four: Human & Divine

Heart Bodhi - Awaken the Power of Love (Audio Series + Ebook)

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