Client Testimonials.


My distance healing session with Laura dissolved my boundaries and I felt incredibly spacious - opened out with no limits then I felt enveloped in warm love.


I felt insecure, antisocial and insular feelings, that I protected from anybody becoming a part of, but Laura was beautiful, I felt an instant warmth from her and lots of light. I had been learning learning about auras and energies since the departure of my mother, assisting my emotional release. I signed up for her mentoring and from then on we'd email and meet up for 1:1's. Laura's feedback and level of openness with her own life experiences and knowledge was throughout and enlightening. I had been pushed in and out of mental homes with my mum, taken to eating disorder services and had counselling but had not experienced anything like I had with Laura. I would not speak at school and now realise this was a form of shell sock and selective mutism from the in-distant past I had shed. Within weeks, together we repaired my confidence and I felt I could share my inner being with others. Her empathic nature could pick up on what was going on. I am now on recovery from eating habits and can always trust Laura with advice and honesty” 


Thank you sooooo much Laura for your amazing distant healing session and energetic reading. I am deeply honoured to have been guided to you and I truly believe that you will play a big part in my transformation. The reading was so inspiring and incredibly moving. I am really excited to experience all the blessing that are coming into my life. When listening to your reading I cried!!!! I still don't know how you do it but I could feel the strong healing energy on all parts of my body and this deep relaxation. I could see bright floods of light entering through my mind. Truly incredible experience! You have an amazing gift and I am in AWE of your intense healing powers. Thank you thank you!”  

Jacki Gray

It is so true that people come into our lives at the right time. I remember my early encounters with Laura and how her kindness, openness and inner beauty is like that of an angel. A comforting presence. I had the privilege of receiving a distance healing session which changed my life because I have been sleeping all these weeks later. Thank you” 

Glynis Joseph

I had an interesting week energetically after my session with Laura, my body was rejecting anything that wasn't totally pure and kept asking for water. I felt that I had received another attunement, that spirit had worked through Laura to give it to me. I can only relate the symptoms I have had this week back to when I had my own attunement. So crazy but good and I am feeling ALOT better emotionally and life has been pretty fun and I have been enjoying my job again. I cant thank Laura enough!” 

Kimberly Rodgers

It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with Laura. Her energy is powerfully healing. It's the first time I had distance reiki and to be honest was not sure if I would feel anything, maybe fall asleep, but - I felt limitless and enveloped with love in the same session. This was followed by a succession of insights in the form of dreams and synchronicities on a daily basis.

Laura's energetic readings come from a place of deep deep empathy and I am going to use the word 'love' again. She focuses right in on you, seems to see you in a way that totally and unconditionally supports your growth because she can see where you are and who you are – and beyond this your potential for greatness. Her 1:1 coaching after one session was radically transformative. Everything I have already said applies, multiplied. She is incredibly insightful, hears everything you say, even the unsaid. You will feel her supporting you from afar too. Truly amazing! Thank you so much


Ommmggggg..... I am totally BLOWN away by this beautiful lady Laura. Laura offered to send me some distance healing last night whilst I slept...and this is what happened...I felt really cold before I went to sleep. Like shivering almost. I did my affirmations before bed then fell asleep quite quickly. As soon as I was falling asleep in my dream I saw big purple neon lights with the words LOVE on them. I had such a peaceful sleep and didn't wake up once???? nor did my daughter. This is unheard of for either of us to wake up at least once. Thennnn....I wake up this morning....and Laura had send me THE MOST AMAZING recording of the reading...and I am still shaking and full of emotion now as this is completely 100% spot was so beautiful and this lady is so amazingly talented. I am absolutely in LOVE with reiki already but Laura, I have never met anyone as talented as you!!” 

Louise Hately

I really believe that people come into our lives at the right time and for a reason. I was introduced to Laura and instantly felt like I connected with her. Her energy is so pure and she's such an amazing person. I have been following her work for a few weeks and knew I had to book in a session with her. I was so drawn to it and had amazing feedback from the session. I received my distant healing session at 11pm and as soon as it turned 11pm I felt a warm sensation go right through my body. I was laying there just relaxing to fall off to sleep and I suddenly had a thought about my Nan. My Nan passed away a month before was born but I've always felt a connection to her even though I never got to meet her. When I listened to my reading this morning Laura said she could sense there was someone close to me looking over me, someone in the family who has passed and really came through strongly. As soon as I heard these first words I knew it was my Nan. I cant thank Laura enough for sending this because its so comforting to know that she's there for me supporting me all the way and that I have a connection with her which is on a spiritual level, to much that is so much stronger than a physical connection and gives me a sense of security. My relationship troubles have knocked my off balance recently and this too came through in my reading and completely changed my mood. Before I listened to the reading I was feeling panic that I'd just lost a good thing and there was nothing I could do about it and I haven't felt like that in a long time. I usually feel like I can trust what's happening and I have faith that things will turn out for the best. Then after the reading I felt like I had my trust back, I no longer felt panicked by this and felt that I could trust that things would work out for the best again. I felt connected to myself again and it completely changed my day. I then went through the rest of my day feeling goosebumps every time I thought about my reading. Thanks to Laura I have had such an incredible day and I think my session and reading come at a time I needed it most. Laura truly has an incredible gift and is such an amazing person. I'll deffo be booking more sessions in the future.

Chelsi Halewood

I've just listened to Laura's reading following the distance healing session we had last night and I have been so absolutely blown away. Not only was Laura super supportive when I was struggling to find the time (and peace and quiet) to dedicate to the session following and unforeseen circumstance, but she listened, felt exactly what I was feeling (or that was what it truly felt like!) and offered a solution that afforded me the support I needed at that exact time. Laura sent healing not only to me but to my daughter as well who has been extremely under the weather for much of the last six months and tonight she has settled with so much ease and is peacefully sleeping for the first time in a long time. I even managed to eat a hot meal for the first time in six months. The reading touched me in so many different ways. It couldn't have been more accurate. In fact it surfaced emotions in me that I knew I was feeling but that I hadn't really acknowledged or addressed due to trying to be all things to all people.

I not only feel re energised but I feel like I have a new sense of where I am going, a new sense of purpose, I know where I am supposed to be. It also sort of validated that I do deserve some time to be spent on me – something I haven't done in a long while. I am definitely going to take on Laura's advice. Laura I cant thank you enough. You have been so friendly, open and warm and I absolutely know I will be returning for more sessions with you in the future. Thank you so much

Lou Burns

I wanted to take a moment to thank Laura as I was blessed to have a distance energy healing session with her a couple days ago. I could feel the warm presence of the healing energy throughout our distant session and then was gifted with the most beautiful recording of the messages from spirit. Thank you Laura, you have a very special gift and I hope you continue on this path. You have such a sweet gentle spirit and have been blessed with a loving gift

Tracy Swaison

So today I had a session with Laura. Before the session started I asked for several conformations about the different things in my life. I felt incredible during the process. Saw a few colours I have never experienced. My hands became hot. I was amazing.

And then when she sent me my reading I laid there in complete AWWWE. Crying. She confirmed everyone of my questions I asked for. To learn I am a light worker. My soulmate! I knew the day I met my husband I would marry him. He really is my soulmate. She truly has a gift everyone. I cannot wait for my next session!

Regina Martin

I just want to leave some feedback about Laura's distant healing session as I was pretty amazed to be honest.. having only had experience of face to face reiki before I was a little wary of it and didn't know what to expect or for it to work or produce any results, but it was quite the opposite and I instantly felt relaxed with Laura's relaxation audio sent before the session, i planned for it to be only 30 mins but ended up nearly falling asleep and being in room for over an hour feeling so relaxed and still, I felt like her presence was with me, and it was incredible hearing what she said in my angel card reading after, everything was spot on and I was excited about the messages coming through, Laura's voice is so soothing and calming and anyone would be lucky to have this session for themselves it truly is an amazing experience thank you Laura.

Leanne Marie

Laura is there whenever you need her, she's very knowledgable and simply says the right things at the right time. I've just been much more focused and determined as Laura proposes different objectives for you each week. I feel more confident both in my parenting and business which is amazing and I feel I understand my body a lot more and how to make it work for me rather than against me. Also something very personal happened on the distance healing session that I was blown away by that filled me with so much gratitude and self love. I'd definitely recommend her, I'm shouting out about her to everyone.

Jess Fahay Fox

I haven't stopped smiling since our session, I've never felt so light and free! Working with Laura was amazing. She is such a calming person full of passion. This passion showed thoughout and made me feel so calm and at peace I was able to focus more than I thought I would and learnt more than I expected about myself and how others around me effect me would highly recommend Laura to anyone.

Trish Bentley