Open & Honest Heart Chakra

Being true to your real self

I feel first, for me, this begins with honesty

being honest about my feelings

being honest with myself

honest about what I


who I am.

Unravelling the petals of purity to the place of truth

and divinity

within your heart

your cells

your self

requires authenticity.

In today's conversation I open the doors to revealing and sharing more of my true self, being

honest about some fears I've had around exposing my phobias and PTSD when I'm someone people come to for comfort and healing.

Speaking about my flaws, my traumas, my struggles...when I am someone people come to for direction and guidance. I intend on sharing more of these open and unplanned conversations to free myself from



and performance

and connect more with



and playfulness.

Our true nature - where harmony hums, Love and connection blossoms and hearts thrive.

Todays fertile and flowery conversation gently and spontaneously flows into a mantra chant for the heart chakra. “Ah” - being to vowel sound of the heart the release the sigh

the pleasure

the cry Followed by the Bija mantra and seed sound for the heart chakra - a yummy“Yam” I discovered during my mantra practice as I chanted these two sounds together it sounded very familiar to “I am” “I am...

the love within the I am,

the heart in the I am...

I am

Ah Yam” I hope your heart enjoys today's video.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings and continue the conversation in the comment section below.

And, if you would like to catch these sessions live just join our free facebook group community “My Bodhi Temple” by clicking here. Watch the video and join in with the mantra here.

may your heart bloom. In Love Laura

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