Top Ten Energy Healing Tips

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I want you to feel into each of these and try out the ones you feel most drawn to. I also suggest you to feel into which you are resisting as sometimes what we resist can often be what we need the most.

1. The Touch of Love & Light

The exploration of healing through self love gets more progressive for me each year. We are Spiritual beings in a physical body and I feel personally that the physical touch is important for our well-being and how we interconnect with others as well as our selves.

When we hug we release endorphins and oxytocin, feel good chemicals that help us reduce stress and alleviate depression.

It feels good to snuggle into a self hug or self soothe skin to skin, connecting with my loving and expressive sensuality and how it feels to be present with my own physical touch.

When I think about what it feels like to be caressed by love and by light, I think about the sun.

The sun is a huge love offering that touches and nurtures the soul. There is a knowingness that dwells with in all of us and the sun has a way of activating the warm truth in our hearts.

Other ways that we can begin to self heal through touch is by gently massaging the soles of your feet or hands to get things moving. It helps to understand your pressure points as they can help us release energy and stimulate certain organs back to health.

And my final reference to healing through touch is something I learnt through the MIR Method. I am always discovering and following the guidance to new methods and healing modalities and this is one of my most recent discoveries that I am quite enjoying. What I am learning is that as we stoke that backs of our hands and speak positive affirmations we feel comforted. But also, the backs of our hands are full of nerves that helps relax our subconscious mind making us sensitive to fully receiving and accepting these positive suggestions. You can read more about this here.

2. Water's Wisdom

You may have read about the water experiment by Dr Masaru Emoto. The results from the experiment reveals a lot about the powerful influence of water and what happens to the molecular structure of water when we speak to it or play music to it. Check out the results here.

Water hears and shapes.

Water cleanses and kick starts everything in the body.

And we ourselves are bodies of water.

Start forming a relationship with your water. Speak lovingly to every glass, set an intention before you drink, be present with the miracle of water.

And also remember to drink plenty. I recommend reading the book 'The bodies many cries for water: you're not sick you're thirsty' by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. He explains how a lot of our health issues and emotional unease is often due to dehydration!

After a deep and powerful session with a client I often find the best way for me to cleanse and reset myself is to sit in a bath tub of clear water and let it all melt away. I do the same here too and set an intention or pray upon the water before sliding into the tub.

3. Stillness is Trust

For as long as I can remember I have always felt this build up of energy in my stomach / solar plexus which can be uncomfortable and unbearable at times.

One night I intuitively decided to embody myself in complete stillness, not moving a muscle, not itching when I needed to itch or fidgeting when I got uncomfortable, but to simply just witness all the happenings in my body. Observing and being present with all, but not trying to push it down, force it, or understand it. I was curious as to where the energy wanted to go and what it wanted to do so I simply allowed my energy to express itself without judgement.

The energy began to jolt my whole body, but I continued to be the non judgemental observer and just allow. It soon began to release and I felt an incredibly beautiful feeling of bliss and a new open space of peace blossom inside of me.

Soon after I found a book called 'Radical Healing' by Rudolph Ballentine. I was both shocked and overjoyed when he described this exact same energy technique that my body had intuitively lead me to do, called 'Tapas'. He explained it as the energy building and not being used and eventually reaching combustion and completely changing form.

This also reminded me that our intuition is always guiding us and our bodies always know what to do. In stillness and meditation we allow or energy to settle and reorganise itself and we can also hear our loving inner voice offer the exact wisdom we need to hear to help us.

Deepak Chopra teaches us that our bodies have their own superconscious and intelligence. Our bodies breathe without us thinking and digests without us needing to know how. We can trust and support the intelligence of our bodies.

I believe that stillness is ultimately trust.

The more you connect with your stillness the more you connect with and expand your space of trust.

Trust your body. It is a safe place for you to be.

4. Your Words Create Worlds

I believe that our words create worlds.

Each word has resonance and a ripple effect into creation.

When I was healing from PTSD, the stress and anxiety caused me to have a lot of other health issues. I became obsessed with self healing and energy healing because I had a phobia of medication and needed another way.

I was guided to a book called 'You can heal your life' by Louise L Hay. Louise explains how each organ and body part has an emotional connection and link to the dis – ease we are experiencing. By getting to the root cause and nurturing and changing the belief systems related to the symptom, returning to the love in which we were made. Her book also has a brilliant A- Z glossary of affirmations for healing in this book.

5. Sleeping is Receiving

Ever have days where you just want to do nothing, stare into space or sleep?

My suggestion to you is to do it.

I now understand that this is a signal from my body telling me that I am going through a massive energetic shift or I'm about to receive some downloads. Sometimes your body just wants to sleep this one out!

So, wanting to sleep can often mean that you are going through some brilliant re wiring and you just need to receive new changes or embody and integrate all the recent changes.

Sleep is when we rest and repair and helps us to get out of our own way and receive. This new concept and way of looking at my “lazy days” helps me so much. I had found that the more I used to fight my wanting to just do nothing the more guilty I would feel and the less I would be listening to my body creating a dis connection and distrust. Gabrielle Bernstein inspired my permission to simply sleep by explaining that “Sleep is also a spiritual practice”. I also want to give you this permission too. Release the guilt and know you are entering receive mode.

6. Switch it up! Laugh! We always have a choice.

Laugh, giggle! Change it, Switch it up! Go upside down, kick-start the flow.

Sometimes when I am feeling stuck in life or needing a healing boost I decided to flip things upside-down! Literally! By doing a handstand it helps me to switch things up a bit, change my energy and kick start the blood flow.

Physically look at things from another angel as well as mentally look at things differently. We always have a choice and 'A course in miracles' teaches “A miracle is a shift in perception”.

To help me with this I often ask myself the question....”What if...this was the best thing that ever happened to me? A what that brings up and creates in you.

As well as looking at the positive perspective I invite in a funny point of view or allow myself to laugh and giggle wherever possible. "Laughter is the best medicine".

Often when I was suffering from panic and knew I was going to go into a panic attack I would put on some comedy and it would change my thinking and feeling completely.

7. Feel the Music

Feel the music. Really feel it. Allow it to enter you and move you.

Everything is vibrating and made up of sound. Music can be powerfully healing in many ways. As we have been learning, vibration and sound effects our bodies.

Start by recognising the sounds that make you feel good and the music that moves you or brings you to life. Allow yourself to just sit and feel and be with music and allow it to stir things up inside of you shift and uplift you.

I did this when I was going through heart ache and there was no logic that could help me shift the pain I was feeling emotionally. Emotion is energy in motion so I decided to dance with this energy to music until I lifted my spirits.

Let sound move through you with your own voice too as I have found this can help the energy change form and I believe it is important to express your feelings in a way that is safe and feels good. No restrictions. If you would like to listen to one of my channelled vocal sound healing journeys just click here. 

8. Imagination is Creation

When I was a little girl my Mum had a book called 'Mind Energy' by Betty Shine. She would read guided visualisations and meditations to me to help me feel more confident in myself or understand the anxieties that I was feeling in my body through visual metaphor. I began understanding the way in which my body, imagination and visions communicated with me.

We can work with our mind energy through our imagination and visualisation to help us heal, change or create. All matter is made up of 99.999999..% space and we are also that space that we can paint into.

I often self direct or let my imagination and higher self work together to show me what I need to see or I will put on a guided visualisation for healing.

Here is a guided movement meditation I created to inspire your healing imagination.

9. Remember Nature

When I was healing form PTSD nature played a huge part in helping me return to peace and the natural harmony of the universe. When you put your back to a tree you naturally reconnect to the supportive force of mother earth and match up with natures frequency.

Put your belly to the belly of Mother Earth and re connect with the umbilical cord between you both. Let your belly soften into the nurturing relationship your have with her.

By finding and feeling the firm floor beneath you, you will feel the solid support of the ground grounding you, returning to your knowing that you are safe and held and supported.

10. Welcome it all

Life started dramatically and positively changing for me when I started saying “I love you” out loud to myself, but in a way where I would let the words sink peacefully into my heart. I would place my hand on heart making that connection and follow with my name. This was inspired by a video I watched by channel and Spiritual Teacher Matt Kahn. When I started bringing these three beautiful words back into my life as often as possible and I offered “more love and not less” in the places where I began to resist I noticed huge positive changes in my life and started receiving so many blessings.

I realised that when I was saying I deeply love you to myself I was also saying I deeply love you to God. Then I made the connection that when I was saying “I love you” to God I was also saying “I love you” to myself. Recognising the universe in me, recognising the world that I create. I began creating and welcoming in a better life for myself not only on a conscious level but on a subconscious level and all other levels.

Truth abides all levels as there are no levels to truth and only oneness. The message here too is to welcome it all in. Open more when you feel any resistance to the love that you begin to receive. Relax open to the natural flow and source of love.

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