Brave Vulnerability

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Imagine if we were all playing it safe. Keeping our mouths shut, art hidden and hearts closed...

Being "vulnerable" has been sneaking into my inner conversations lately and in conversations with friends. It's difficult to be vulnerable, that's why I don't see it as a weakness, but instead a strength.

I have spent a lot of my life being so tied up in the idea of needing to be perfect. And because I'm not perfect, I kept myself tied up.

The word "vulnerability" itself implies that it is "unsafe" and that you are at risk to being exposed to harm. However, I am learning that it actually means "openness", "honesty", "telling the truth" and "authenticity".

I remember when sharing my art or writing felt extremely exposing! You'll very rarely see me take full body pictures and I find it difficult to share my struggles.

But we actually need our vulnerability in order to learn new things that we've never tried before (this is when feelings of vulnerability can instead be playfulness where it's okay to make mistakes)

We need to be vulnerable in relationships in order to learn more about each other, allow love to do what it needs to and deepen our connections (this is when vulnerability becomes trust and acceptance and love has a chance to be unconditional)

We need to be vulnerable in order to share our art and our stories (this is when vulnerability becomes a mirror and can be appreciated by others so that we can more recognise ourselves in each other).

We need vulnerability in order to apologise, tell the truth, speak up, share ideas and make a change!

Vulnerability is bravery.

Our vulnerability is raw exposure of our light. Not the artificial type. The purity of light that is most healing.

I once read that that which is kept silent is kept hidden in the dark and sometimes we need things the come into the light to be healed"

I want to stop hiding in many ways...

hiding my worries

hiding my dreams

hiding my feelings

hiding my body

hiding my struggles

hiding my imperfections

hiding the things I'm good at

hiding the things I'm not good at

Honesty creates purity of heart.

Vulnerability is your Soul uncovered... and I want to meet and see your Soul.

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