Feeling Trapped?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Feeling trapped, restricted or confined? Like a big fish in a small pond?Its not only that you need to move into larger oceans, but to remember that you are actually the ocean itself/yourself.Allow yourself to feel into how big and vast you actually are. This is your true nature.When you explore and get comfortable in your "bigness", you are then more easily able to step into your confidence and move into your the next big leap.This is a good exercise as we cannot always instantly change our external reality, but we can instantly change our perceptions and internal experience. You can feel your freedom right where you are right now.When you have felt into your expansion right where you are, you open up space. This new space allows your external conditions to change as you have created more space for  what is meant for your to enter into your vibratory field.Take a moment right now to just allow your energy to expand beyond your body and fill the whole room.Your body isn't a wall or a barrier, but an expression of your soul in 3D form. You can move beyond your body. Your mind, heart and awareness can reach into every corner of the room, fill the whole street and reach into the sky. Become one with the sky and feel your true limitless self.Breathe here.When you feel yourself begin to breath easier in this space you will soon dissolve any uneasiness of current constricting conditions.You realise you are not just the fish wanting to leap into greater waters, but you are the greater waters.You are the ocean and the skyGo large, be big and breathe deeply.More explained in this video

Hope this helps you today.

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