A 4 part audio series to help you deepen your connection with the Divine and inspire your meditation practice.


Move from heart ache into heart awake and allow the energy of love to flow through your body more easily.

This course is a live and active experience and is here to inspire your heart and your meditation journey.

Begin to love yourself even more, release stress, tension, anxiety, worry and nervous energy so that Divine energy can flow through you more freely.



Course includes:

  •  4 part audio training

  •  A series of guided meditations, and exercises and prayer

    What you will learn:

    - How to make positive shifts!

    - Scientific research of the heart.

    - Relax into your heart, body & presence.

    - Experience forgiveness.

    - Manifest from your Love vibration!

    - Guided meditations, exercises and prayer.

    - Return home to Love.

    LESSON ONE - Opening the door to Love
    (Includes a mirror exercise to help create positive internal shifts)

    LESSON TWO - An invitation of the Heart
    (Includes full body awakening meditation)

    LESSON THREE - Be the Love you wish to see
    (Includes forgiveness exercise)

    LESSON FOUR - Human & Divine
    (Includes Love vibration manifestation meditation)

    *10% of proceeds go towards charity