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"In still waters you reflect the light of love perfectly."


Sometimes the ocean can be rough & rocky, and waters can seem troubled... but you can always

find bliss in you breath, 

make waves with your gaze,

light up lives with your love, 

and awaken truth in your trust.

I not only trust in the guidance of my heart but I trust in yours.
I have always been passionate about encouraging people to follow their heart,

their passions and embrace their gifts.

Having a spiritual practice helped me through PTSD and anxiety and gave me the space to connect to myself again.
After a few wake up calls I realised the importance of self love and listening to my intuition and how our healing journey has its own timing that we are not here to force or rush.

I became fascinated by the intelligence of our hearts and the power of our intuition. I was guided to many spiritual teachers on my path, learning energy healing, meditation, breathwork, channelling as well as developing my support skills and embracing my own gifts

so that I could help others along the way.




How to work with me:
What others have said...

"I feel more relaxed, so much happier in myself, her meditations are out of this world!" - Emma


"Within weeks we repaired my confidence and I felt I could share my inner being with others" - Darcie 

"Highly efficient, effective and fully flowing session. My soul feels at ease, like I can be all parts of myself and I'm feeling a deeper sense of trust settle" - Crystal

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Words can clear the window to the Soul. 
Peace opens the window.
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"My self esteem has been raised after it had been shattered. I now have the courage to do what I love and be all of who I am. I was able to step up because of her" - A.S

"A huge shift has been happening, I feel so at ease and empowered!"  - Liisa

"I haven't stopped smiling since, I feel so light and free!" - Trish

“Laura is truly an earth angel! Her ability to bridge physical distances and truly connect on an authentic, deep and intuitive level is both rare and invaluable. Her guidance always resonates and inspires me to continue on in this journey. I’m grateful for that connection and her continued support over the years.”

"Working with Laura was amazing. Her voice compliments her energy, very soothing, very calm, very peaceful. She is truly a ray of sunshine. Super compassionate and caring! I felt more aware of myself after the call and several events began to unfold with this awareness. I was able to walk away from a relationship that in a way was holding me back! I am now free, and I feel like a burden has been lifted off of me. Laura is absolutely amazing! Looking forward to our continued work together in the future. I highly recommend her services."

“Laura helped me so much through relationship struggles and with a tough break up as well as with my soul purpose. She gave me healing, helped calm me, gave me mentoring, guidance and reassurance, but most of all confidence in my journey and myself...not to mention the amount of self love she has helped me to grow for myself.


If you feel drawn to work with her, please do, listen to that calling, its there for a reason and you wont regret it.”

Leanne Marie

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